Engineer Perth celebrates Global Day of the Engineer

Engineer Perth is proud to celebrate international Global Day of the Engineer on 24 February 2016. The theme of “Engineers make a world of difference” recognises the contribution of engineers to building a better world. Engineers are at the frontline¬†of addressing¬†many global problems, including issues around food, water and energy sustainability, a changing global environment […]

Building approvals soar following apartment rebound

Engineer Perth reports that there has been a recent surge in building approvals in Australia, caused by a rebound in apartment construction. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed a 9.2% bounce in approvals for new dwellings during December 2015. The apartment sector was up by 12.8%, after a steep decline was recorded in […]

Engineer Perth is committed to providing great service

Engineer Perth is proud to announce its recent launch and commitment to providing great service. Engineer Perth specialise in providing innovative, efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are highly experienced in residential, commercial and industrial structural services and civil engineering services. The Engineer Perth team includes: James Terenciuk, Director, who has […]